Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lavender Essential Oil.... WIN!

A girlfriend, Lishy, started pinning all of this stuff a while back about essential oils. And because I basically re-pin her life and pretend it's my own, I started reading about them. We all know that I am a hippie at heart so these amazing little oils were right up my alley! I started small, making holiday gifts for friends and family.. Sugar scrubs and bath salts. Everyone seemed to like them. I kept ordering more oils because this one is good for scarring and that one is great for migraines.

I have turned into a monster. I love them. My little bottles of magic make me so happy. I'm going to tell you about my all purpose wonder oil, Lavender. It is great for so many things! Headaches, scrapes, cuts, burns, SUN burn, calming, sleep, cleaning... It is my first line attack for pretty much any first aid need. Or emotional need.

How do you use it? Really simple! You put a few drops in a carrier oil-many people use olive oil, coconut oil, almond or grapeseed oil. Really any oil without a strong scent will work. Then you apply it to the area that you want to use it. Headache? Apply it to your temples. Put it right on the injured area in the event of a cut or scrape. If you have a sunburn, put several drops into a spray bottle of aloe vera juice or fractionated coconut oil. Keep it in the fridge, then just spray the area of the burn. You can put it on the soles of your feet or across the back of your neck to help you relax and fall asleep.

courtesy of Google search

Here's the thing... You DO NOT have to spend a ton of money to get quality oils. You don't. There are people out there that will tell you that you must. Simply put, they're lying. It may be a lie born from ignorance of other quality products or a purposeful twisting of the truth. You don't have to spend a fortune to use essential oils.

I purchase my oils from a few websites..Nature's Gift is one, as is Essential Oil Exchange, and I recently purchased from both Mountain Rose Herbs and Plant Therapy!

Nourishing Treasures is a website run by a certified aromatherapist. She and a group of people spend their own money to have a third party test many brands of essential oils, in order to let us all know what companies sell quality oils. Her website is great and full of information!

Do you use any essential oils in your home? If so, which ones and how do you use them?