Monday, March 25, 2013

Vinegar Fruit Rinse....WIN!

My, it has been a long time since I posted last! All sorts of exciting things happening in the King household.. I took my first ever "girls weekend" with some of my closest friends... My internet girlfriends! I always laughed to myself when I saw other Facebook friends meeting up in real life... AND THEN, I met the girls through an online mommy group. Through drama and life the four of us stuck together. So E and I drove out and  celebrated Tiff's 30th birthday in Oklahoma City last weekend, we also drove out to the middle of nowhere Texas (seriously, I think that was the name of the to see our lovely Lishy!

Okay, okay, now to the serious stuff...

I hate the crap that can potentially be on my produce. If you ask E, just short of Armageddon exists on the outside of your fruit. After finding this out, I freaked. I need to clean my fruit before I eat it with more than water!!! I found this pin for an all natural produce soak. I know there are products like Fit Fruit and Vegetable wash exist, I wanted something cheaper and more natural. Here are the ingredients of Fit:
Purified Water, Oleic Acid (from Vegetable Sources), Glycerol (from Vegetable Sources), Ethyl Alcohol (from Corn), Potassium Hydrate (from Basic Minerals), Baking Soda (from Basic Minerals), Citric Acid (from Cornstarch & Molasses), and Distilled Grapefruit Oil.
All of these sound natural, I don't think I believe it though.

Pic from

Enter the Vinegar Fruit Rinse:
(The pin above is from Jo-Anna at
Clean your sink, those suckers can be dir-tay!
Fill your clean sink halfway with lukewarm water.
Add about a cup of white vinegar.
Soak your yucky produce for 10 minutes. I swish it around every so often to make sure all of the sides get a fair shot at the vinegar.
Rinse your fruit and veggies and store as normal!

I like to reuse my berry containers and orange bags. I just wash them in plain blue Dawn to get all of the yuckies out and let them dry while the fruit is soaking.

All of the nastiness from the surface of your produce will be in the vinegar water. It looks pretty gross when you take out your fruits and veggies! I PROMISE, you will not be able to taste vinegar on your veggies. There is enough in the water to clean the produce but not enough to change the flavor of your goodies!


  1. Thanks for the tip!!! and I had a BLAST finally meeting you :D

  2. I'm trying this now!!! Thank you!!!!

    And I am offended.... How DARE you even say I live ANYWHERE close to a town!! :P I had a wonderful time meeting you. I'm still working on ways to brainwash you to move to Texas. ;)

  3. It was fantastic meeting you girls too!!! I'm already trying to figure out ways to get out there again!