Saturday, June 22, 2013

This Must Change.

My blog is not a platform for my views. I like to try out crafty/cooking/hippie things and share them. What I saw on television last night made me think that perhaps I need to share it. I am sick. I am appalled. I will not keep quiet.

The gist of the story is that while District Management makes in excess of $400,000 yearly, some employees working for Goodwill make as little as .22 an hour. I know some people who are handicapped and I cannot fathom them being forced to work for so little because it is the only job that they can get.

I have donated to Goodwill. I have shopped at Goodwill. Thinking that I was helping people who otherwise wouldn't be employed. Watch this commercial:, it makes you think that you are doing amazing things for that man's sense of self worth. Instead, he probably makes little to nothing hanging clothing every day.

Please, I implore you, share this on your blogs, your facebook pages, your groups, everywhere. This must change.

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