Tuesday, May 21, 2013

iPhone Cord Saver... WIN!

Short post here today, the husband is off from work so there will be lots of chores done today! All manner of yard work to do. We've got our back patio garden rocking along with some decorative plants but the front of the house looks awful. (Post to come about how edible landscaping turned into container gardening!)

Our holly bushes (which I despise) are growing out of control and the lawn looks more like a meadow with all of the weeds growing. We're probably going to have to dig up the yard to get rid of the weeds so for this summer, we're just keeping them trimmed. The bushes will eventually be pulled up and replaced with prettier things that don't reach out and bite you when you walk by. I'm thinking blueberry bushes, hydrangeas, roses... I am hoping to mix edibles with pretty flowers.

So today is a crazy easy solution to a problem I have... The kinked iPhone charger cord. I plug in my phone when I go to bed but generally stay up reading for a while on my Kindle app, resulting in a kinked cord where it meets the plugin on the phone. I don't have a before pic because I never planned to use this as a post but I DO have an after! :)

What you will need... A spring from an old ball point click pen and your iPhone cord.

Twist the spring around the cord until it is all onto the charger cord, think putting a new key on a key ring. I will warn you, there was a bit of cursing involved in getting the first couple of spirals onto the cord. Those little springs are tight. All told, it took me about 2 minutes. When you've got it all twisted around, it should look like this!

Now, you can read your Kindle app or text or Facebook all you want with your phone charging and you don't have to worry about the cord kinking or coming apart! A total WIN!


  1. I tried this and love it but I will caution attempt-ees. Be careful that the end of the spring doesn't poke thru the outer casing of the cord and damage it or that it itsn't so tight that it pinches so tightly that it breaks a wire inside. I stretched mine out enough so that wouldn't happen first. The general idea though is wonderful and will save frustration because it seems like these always break. Thanks for the tip!

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