Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mail Center.... WIN!

I have been so incredibly busy this week! It was the boys' last week of Mother's Day Out for the week, Connor decided that napping was for sissies... The husband has been working crazy hours.. Just all in all busy! Oh, and I am still working on Manic Mama's award. My brain has been too scrambled to think up questions to ask the people I pass the award on to.

OH, and I had a dead ear this week, resulting in an unplanned trip to the doctor's office to have my ears irrigated. SOME people said that this was an incredible feeling and that it would just make my day... They were WRONG. Let me tell you, I have this horrible (inherited from my Mom) phobia about water in my ears. I can take an entire shower without getting my ears all full of water. So, when one of my ears stopped up early in the week I just thought it would fix itself like stopped up ears often do. It went on for days, by Thursday evening it was starting to hurt. All I could think was NO ANTIBIOTICS! NO EAR INFECTION! So I went to the doc yesterday. One peep in my ear revealed that it was all clogged with wax. GROSS! So they irrigated them. It was like being waterboarded in my ear. I wanted to cry. I actually frantically facebooked to my best friends that I was pretty sure I was drowning. They totally talked me through it, while probably laughing at me since I could neither see faces or hear voices.. lol.

It was horrific, but I now can hear the grass growing. No infection, thankfully.

Okay, but y'all don't come around to hear about my gross health issues.. So on to the organizational fun times!!! One look at this pin and I swooned. LOOK how organized and beautiful that is! I mean, a huge calendar that you can read, places for mail, and inspirational quotes!? SOLD!

Mine isn't quite as fancy as hers but it's totally functional and makes me oh-so-happy!

Here are the quotes I used:
Be humble, for you are made of earth.
Be noble, for you are made of stars.

The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice.

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

I bought the picture frames at the dollar store, and picked up scrapbook paper to print on. The possibilities are endless! These just struck a chord with me. :)

I then added a really cool magnetic dry erase calendar, I found super cute dry erase markers that are attached to magnets so I can hang them ON the calendar. Joy of joys! No lost markers! Directly under the calender I put a row of hooks for our keys. The plan was so that the keys would dangle into the mail tray, keeping them away from little fingers. Parker shows that our plan was not perfect. Kitchen chairs make a whole world of things possible for kids.
I picked up a simple black hanging file holder from Target to complete the mail center. It was so easy to do! Now everyone knows where their keys are, what is going on for the month, and can find that bill that needs to be paid! And each time I look up at the quotes, it inspires me to work a little harder on being awesome that day. I would say that altogether I spent about $25 on the whole thing. The calendar was most expensive at $16.99 but I had a 40% off coupon for Joann so I only paid half price for it!

Pardon the gigantic fingerprint on the picture, I didn't see that until just now! :/

Couponers, have you heard of Snip Snap? It's an app for iPhone (maybe for others too but I'm not sure). It allows you to search a database of coupons. All you do is search for it, "snip it", and it is saved on your phone. Then when you check out, just present your phone with the coupon bar code to the cashier. It is so great and there's coupons for everything on it! Joann is my favorite place to use it, because you can use more than one coupon so long as the barcode is different!

There you have it! A cute, organized place for your mail and plans! Do you have a central location for things or are they all scattered about?

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  1. I feel for you with the ear blockage. I have lost 1/2 my hearing in one ear and have had my ear cleaned out with some thing they stick down in the ear. Hurts like heck!! I love what you did with framing the quotes and your organizer. Very nice!!!