Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kitchen Essentials Shopping List... WIN!

I never remember to get everything I actually NEED at the grocery store. I'm not a couponer. I generally don't buy things that there are coupons for. I am trying to get closer to making everything from scratch so I don't need processed and packaged foods. If I buy vegetables that aren't fresh, I buy frozen. And not the kind that you "steam in the bag" or that has "cheese-like sauce". Because honestly, those scare me too. Steaming in a plastic bag? Yikes. My girlfriends at Must Love Mommyhood and Manic Mama are the ones who really encouraged me to go "from scratch".. I must say, it's a LOT of work some days but, it's amazing!

I finally came across a complete grocery list! (Thanks E!) You bet your sweet rolls I pinned it, printed, and slapped that puppy on the fridge! Here's the super awesome list on pinterest! And then I realized that I didn't necessarily use everything she uses. So I tweaked it! Also, she has 100 items. I only have 70. I have an herb garden out front so I don't need as many dried herbs as are on her list. You can change up the list however you like!

So, I have this super awesome, concise list of what I need from the grocery... What to do with it??? I'm going to take a little run to the Dollar Store and pick up an inexpensive, lightweight picture frame and some magnets. I'm going to put it on the fridge with a dry erase marker so that every time I realize I'm out of something I can mark it! Brilliant! No more searching through cabinets HOPING I get everything onto the list!

Do you want my super awesome grocery list?? Follow this link to Dropbox and grab your printable!

Edited: I realized my link was broken just today, it's all fixed now! Enjoy your shopping list!

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