Saturday, April 6, 2013

Topsy Turvy Planter... WIN!

Good morning, lovelies! Is everyone enjoying the blog party?? I know I am having a blast and meeting so many really awesome bloggers!  This is my second post of the party, if you want to read my first post, just click here!

Ultimate Blog Party 2013
It has FINALLY begun to warm up in these parts.. It has been the longest winter ever here in Nashville. I'm used to tee shirts and flip flops at least a couple of times in February but not this year! 
Yesterday was our prettiest day to date so the huz and I took the opportunity to get started on some of our edible landscaping! You can check out all of my pins here. I really want to grow as much of our food as I 1. logically can and 2. our homeowner's association will allow. Everything I am reading about GMOs and pesticides really bothers me. This is the food we eat. The nourishment we give our bodies. It needs to be good for us. Aaand, off my soapbox.
We love fresh herbs in our house. Our spice cabinet is really bare for a foodie house. Why? Because we use mostly fresh. And that can get expensive.. I spend between $2-$3 for a packet of basil every time I make spaghetti or lasagna. So I started researching growing my own. It seems really simple, put them in something cute, water them, and voila! herbs! If you are in the middle Tennessee area and are looking for a good nursery, Needham's Nursery in Mt. Juliet is awesome! 
Here is how I designed our herb garden, they put a  bird bath on top, I did not. We bought a LOT of herbs.
Items needed:
Pardon the mess.. haha
5 ft piece of rebar
1 large terra cotta planter
3 smaller terra cotta planters
1 even smaller terra cotta planter
Potting mix
Items to be planted, can be flowers or herbs.

Drive one end of the rebar into the ground far enough that it will stand on its own.
Take largest pot and put onto the rebar through the drainage hole. Fill with potting mix and plant matter. In that one I put a couple of strawberry plants and some violas for color. Make sure you leave one side of this planter empty so you can stack the next planter on it!
Take one of the 3 smaller pots and run it down the rebar through the drainage hole. Lean one side of the pot into your large pot, you can do left side or right side. Fill your pot with potting mix and plants. 
It isn't as important to leave a whole half of the pot empty to stack the next pots, just leave a little bit of room on the side closest the rebar.
Continue to do this with the rest of your pots, alternating sides to give it the topsy turvy look. When you've run out of pots, you're all done! 
Water your plant babies and watch them grow!

P and C wanted to plant some stuff too!
If you look reeeeeeally closely at the pic above, you can see my DIY herb markers in the pots. That post will be coming up soon. :)
These are the boys, LOVING the dirt. I am hoping to instill in these two kiddos a love of home grown food. I want to get out of the grocery store and into the garden!

Do you grow any of your own food? Leave me a message in the comments below!


  1. Glad you figured it out. I'll be waiting for you to come do mine next ;)

  2. You've got a good lookin' crew of helpers right there!!!! We're trying to sprout seeds now and planted tomatoes Saturday. It always makes me nervous that we'll get blasted with another freeze and all that hard work smashed. I can't wait to see more of your garden!!!!

  3. This is such a cute idea! Our soil is very rocky so I use a lot of containers for flowers, herbs, etc. Might have to give this project a shot.

  4. I wish I could garden, but I live in a city apartment with no outdoor space. I have successfully grown herbs on my window sill before. Basil dis wonderfully inside.

  5. Aw, I love that the kiddos joined in!

  6. OK. this is seriously cool! Ironic that I am visiting after reading your comment on my lopsided butt post :D

  7. LOL! All things lopsided today! All of my herbs are doing amazing in this planter. I am going to have to harvest and dry some already!

    Oh, and I STILL can't get that chick's rear out of my head Carma! :P