Tuesday, April 16, 2013

S'mores Dip....WIN!

I had so much fun reading new blogs from the Ultimate Blog Party '13, hosted by 5minutesformom.com! I gained some new followers, HELLO!!

I know in my introduction I talked about wanting to eat healthier... But sometimes you just need something sweet. A lot of times I need something sweet. So I found this recipe on Pinterest. I just happened to have all of the ingredients so I went for it...

Bakeaholic mama is the mastermind behind this dip.. I altered her recipe just a bit because I had less patience than her. Also, there are no measurements because I did a ramekin sized portion but this could easily be made for a party!

Here is your S'mores Dip recipe:
Milk or Dark Chocolate chips
Graham Crackers

Preheat broiler to 350*
Melt your chocolate chips and pour into an oven safe dish.
Top with marshmallows.
Place on top rack of oven and remove when marshmallows are golden brown.
Break up graham crackers and serve on side.

As you can see, I went to TOWN on this dip. I am SO glad I made a small portion. Because I would have eaten all of it. ALL of it. I wanted to lick the bowl. But I didn't.... Or so I will let you think.

What are your go to sweet tooth satisfiers?

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  1. I've pinned this and bought the stuff to make it, but have yet to do so because I'm scared of how much I'll love it and that I'll want to eat it all the time! :O